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Camaro / Firebird Nova / Chevy II

  The following is a list of headers that our customers have told us have worked for them. Our systems are not limited to these headers by any means, but you can use them as a routing style reference for your own headers. It is the routing style that is important, not the name brand. You can look these up to see if yours have similar routing styles. If it says a dimple may be required, look at the bottom of this page for more info about dimpling headers.

LS Engines:

  •   Doug’s D-3337 Headers with LS1 – DOES NOT FIT

Small Block:

  • Doug’s Headers with ANGLE PLUGS – DOES NOT FIT

  • Dynach #740-21310 – Angle Plug AFR Heads – Fits, see image below for example

Camaro SBC Angle Plug Heads Steeroids Fitment

  • Dynomax Shortie – Customer had clearance issue with a custom steering column…?

  • Dynomax 289-86001 – No Problem

  • Flotech #11100 (Full Length) – No Problem

  • Hedman #68270 (Full Length) – No Problem

  • Hedman #65020, 65003 – DOES NOT FIT

  • Hedman #68646 Shorty 1-5/8″ Tubes 3″ Collector – Does not fit with 4 speed manual transmission, OK with automatic transmission

  • Hooker Supercomp – DOES NOT FIT

  • Hooker #2451-1 (Full Length) – No Problem

  • Lemons Headers (see links page!) – Many sizes available, includes tall deck & angle / raised port heads – No Problem

  • Patriot Clipster mid-length headers – No Problem

  • Sanderson CC1 (Center Dump) – DOES NOT FIT

  • Stahl – DO NOT FIT W/ 427 SB (Road race version may fit, but have not tried…)

  • Stainless Works – DO NOT FIT W/ 427 SB

  • Stan’s Headers #175Y (Tri-Y) – No Problem

Big Block:

  • Doug’s 8313 – Dimple Required

  • Doug’s D328 – No Dimple Required

  • Dynatech 2 1/8″ Long Tube – Dimple Required

  • Hedman routing style works best. #68190 (1 3/4″ tube w/ 3″ collector) – No Problem

  • Hedman #68610 hugger/shorty, on a 1967 Camaro with 454 Big block Chevy and aluminum heads, DOES NOT FIT, steering shaft hits #2 pipe on straight just before collector

  • Hooker Super Comp – DOES NOT FIT

  • Hooker Competition 2″ #2457-1HKR – Dimple Required

  • Hooker 2457HKR (2″ Primaries) – Customer with 69 Camaro, 540bbc, Tremec TKO600 & Raised Port Brodix Heads – Slight Dimple Required

  • Hooker (?) 2 1/8” fit with dimple

  • Lemons Headers – Up to 2 1/2″ primaries, no problem! Many sizes available. (Includes tall deck & raised port heads)

  • Patriot Mid Length Headers – DOES NOT FIT

Wondering about different headers? Want to check clearances in advance? See our Camaro, Firebird & Nova Header Clearance Template 

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