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Rod Links Clutch Linkages

Rod end style clutch linkages that replace the originals. Smooth operation under high loads, long lasting lighter weight. All improvements to the old, crude design.

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Suspension for any hot rod. Adjustable width so it can adapt to any body or design desired.


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Clutch linkage for muscle cars, trucks and Jeeps

Camaro '67-'81

Nova '68-'74

Chevelle & El Camino ’64-’87

 Chevy & GM Trucks ’63-’87

 Chevy ’55-’57

 Impala ’65-’70

 Jeep CJ ’72-’86




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Hot Rod Cross-member that can Accommodate Any Width Chassis

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SteerRods is unique- nothing like this has ever been offered.

SteerRods allows Steeroids Rack & Pinion steering and Shark Bite Coilover Corvette front suspension to be installed on virtually any vehicle, fitting both passenger cars and 2WD light trucks up to ½ Ton. The SteerRods product line is both an evolution and revolution in cool suspension products aimed at street rod and muscle cars, classics and truck  builders.

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The SteerRods kit offers the confidence and durability of years of SpeedDirect’s technical innovation for C2-C3 Corvettes in bringing superb steering, handling & braking to an  American classic. This innovative & remarkable package that is now available to builders & owners.

The SteerRods system includes a complete engineered front end with rack & pinion steering, coilover suspension, and optional performance disc brakes. The included upper and lower control arms are aluminum alloy with advanced suspension geometry to enhance cornering and greatly improve stability, driving feel and maneuverability. SteerRods can be configured in either front or rear steer to accomodate almost any build’s needs.

Whether it is a street rod, muscle or classic car or truck this package delivers and performance for the customer who wants to autocross or just take a Sunday cruise. SteerRods will add the solid, confident feel that makes driving a rod or classic car or truck incredibly fun and exciting.

SteerRods has been designed with the builder in mind by making it quick and easy to adjust the track during the build to fit a variety of frame and engine combinations. All the parts are laser cut and self-aligning to allow a rapid accurate build. The engine cradle and frame space can be adjusted for width without affecting the suspension geometry through the use of sturdy, precision mounting end plates and uprights that lock in control a-arm location and position. All you do is select the track width and you’re ready to build. This along with coilover location bosses to make a solid, straight and true front end installation. A complete and accurate way to quickly mount a powerhouse front end to a classic, truck or scratch built rod!

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