1964-1/2 to 1970

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Bolt-on rack & pinion conversions that make your Mustang drive like a new one. No permanent modifications required, simple installation.

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Vector Series & Stage Kits

Coil-over front suspension that uses stock control arms. Also, full suspension packages for maximum handling and control.

Mustang Steeroids

  • Steeroids is adjustable for bump steer
  • Steeroids Offers Improved Steering Feel - Recirculating ball steering is vague and unresponsive, especially "on center". Control is greatly enhanced.
  • Steeroids Offers A Quicker Ratio - Steering racks offer quicker ratios. Steeroids™ power kits yield approximately 2.5 turns lock-to-lock (~2.9 for manual). Quicker than any other kit on the market!
  • Steeroids Are Lighter Weight - Compared to the stock steering system.
  • Steeroids Are A Bolt On Installation - Absolutely no cutting, welding, or drilling when purchased with the steering column. Installs with basic hand tools in approximately 3 hours.
  • Steeroids Offers Effective Elimination Of Bump Steer - Adjustable tie rod ends allow you to adjust bump steer even when the vehicle has been lowered.
  • Stock Pump Used - This power kit uses existing or readily available power steering pump and brackets.
  • Steeroids Is A Complete Kit - All necessary parts are included with the exception of the power steering pump
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                  Parts Included With The Steeroids Kit:

                  Rack and pinion
                  Adapter brackets (powder coated black)
                  Tie rod ends (Self cleaning & lubricating, PTFE lined).
                  U-joint assembly
                  Power steering hoses
                  All necessary hardware & fasteners
                  Steering Column or stock column modification kit

                  • BEFORE YOU BUY: Please check the following before you purchase:

                  • Kits were designed for V8 automatic transmission cars. If your vehicle is NOT a V8 with an automatic, please follow the tech link below to read more about power steering hose and manual transmission options. (Most cars with manual transmissions using a clutch cable or hydraulic clutch do NOT have problems.)

                  • If you are using different spindles than stock (like Granada spindles) for brake conversions, let us know so we can supply the correct outer tie rod ends.

                  • There are many engine / header / exhaust combinations. For a full list of what we know does and does not fit with the Steeroids kit, click the link below.

                  • There is a very slight increase in turning radius with the Steeroids kit (only 6 feet in a full circle). Most customers have said they don't even notice a difference - but we felt we should tell you anyway.

                  • Steeroids kits ordered with a column come with GM steering wheel splines.

                  • If your car came with manual steering from the factory, you will need two crush nuts to attach our brackets. When you order a Steeroids and mark the order as Factory Manual they will be included in your kit.

                  Tech Note: What is bump steer, and why is it important?
                  Bump steer is a term used to describe how suspension travel effects your steering alignment. As you drive over rough surfaces on the road, the suspension moves up and down. If your steering tie rods are not the correct length and at the correct angle, they will travel a different radius than the suspension, causing your alignment to toe in and toe out as the suspension travels up and down. If your car's alignment is changing while you are driving, this can cause the vehicle to become unsettled and darty, quick to wander and more apt to follow ruts. Steeroids® rack and pinion kits have been engineered to effectively eliminate bump steer - actually making your car not only steer better, but handle better!

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                  Vector Series

                  Front coil over spring conversion kit for ’64 1/2-’70 Mustangs.

                  A true bolt-on kit, the Vector Series™ does not require any permanent modification to the vehicle. The life-long aluminum shocks included are completely rebuildable and totally adjustable so you that can change the dampening with the twist of a dial. Kits offer multiple spring rates to choose from to customize your ride quality and handling. Vector Series™ kits also utilize the stock control arms keeping them much more affordable than other coil over kits on the market.


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                  Adjustable ride height

                  Set your front end low or adjust it for different size wheel/tire combinations.

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                  Uses stock control arms

                  This is the lowest price coil-over kit on the market because you don't need to buy aftermarket control arms to install this kit.

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                  Shock valve tuning

                  You can easily fine tune your ride and handling with a few clicks of the knobs. Go from street ride to race tune in seconds.

                  Suspension Stage Kits

                  A complete upgrade to your old, underperforming suspension and steering.

                  This is a bolt-on kit of carefully selected parts designed to bring your Mustang up to modern standards for handling and control. Stiffer springs, better shocks (and adjustable, too), bigger sway bars, better steering. All what you need to make your classic Mustang fun to drive.

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