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NeverNight Halogen / Xenon Headlight Harness Kit For 68-82 Corvettes

Let’s face it; the C3 headlights are obsolete. Driving these iconic sports cars at night is a challenge with old outdated headlights that seem like candles compared to modern high powered lighting. Now there is a solution that will not burn up your wiring harness trying to plug in modern lamps. Over thirty years of experience in the Aerospace, Aircraft and Defense Industries have gone into the development and manufacture of this product. This harness is designed to provide maximum voltage at your headlights and therefore maximum light output for nighttime driving. Stock high resistance wiring can reduce light output drastically. For example, a 10% drop in voltage (from 12.8 to 11.5) can result in a drop of more than 30% in light output. This harness utilizes an 8-gauge feed from the alternator to the relays, as well as 12 gauge feeds to the lamps and provides a low resistance path for the brightest headlamp system available for your Corvette.


* Kit attaches to existing harness and headlight switch, no permanent wiring change required!

* Cross-Linked-Polyethylene jacketed wire resistant to oil, grease, gasoline and acids and Temperature rated to 257° F. (125° C.)

* Fully covered in Polyethylene Loom* Bosch Automotive Relays

* Aircraft quality crimp connections

* Rated at 480 watts total (240 per side)

* Easy ‘Plug and Play’ installation with Harness – modification required with Xenon lamps (see below).

* Interchangeable Lamp Sub-Harnesses available for different lamp configurations

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The ‘NeverNights’ Harness for this application (1968-1982 Corvettes) consists of four separate pieces, the Main Alternator Harness, the Main Lamp Harness and the left and right Lamp Sub-Harnesses. The Main Harness is split to facilitate ease of installation.

Included in the kit:

  • Main Alternator Harness

  • Main Lamp Harness

  • Left and right Lamp Sub-Harnesses. (The Main Harness is split to facilitate ease of installation)

  • Delta Xenon Headlamps for C3 Corvette

The lamps provided are Delta XENON headlamps. Some of their features include:

  • Increase safety and peace of mind (brighter lights and safer circuitry)

  • Highest output lighting available for C3’s without going to HID

  • 60 / 55 W XENON System* Rubber boot to protect from elements

  • Lead Crystal European Optics “E” mark certified* High and low beam lens configurations

  • Metal reflector* Direct replacement for #6024, 6024H


Delta XENON headlamps only sold with the SK NeverNight Harness. (They will melt your stock wiring harness!) If you order the kit with the Xenon lamps, there is some slight modification necessary. The stock bucket has a 1 3/4″ hole that needs to get sanded or cut to a 2 1/2″ hole for the lamps. If you do not want to make this modification, the wiring harness with your stock lamps is still a major improvement in light output over the stock harness!



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Hood Strut for 73-82 Corvette

Eliminate the outdated, quirky hood lock mechanism with a new gas filled strut conversion kit. The streamlined force assist strut will modernize your car with easy single hand opening and closing of the hood. Set your Corvette apart from the others!

Simplicity of design adds to the overall engine compartment aesthetic. This Hood Strut from SpeedDirect is a bolt on kit using the factory hood prop mounting locations. No drilling, cutting or welding is required - kits bolt in without any modification! Kits come with all necessary brackets, strut, fasteners and installation instructions. Installs in about 15 minutes. ***NOTE*** NO AIR FREIGHT SHIPPING! Gas shock is under pressure and can only ship Ground.