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Steeroids Rack & Pinion Conversion Installation

Follow along as our bolt-on system is installed on a C2 Corvette. Installation is the same for C3's and can be done with the body on the frame.


                    Stock steering removal C2/C3 Corvette

                    Bust the rust and get that old stuff off of there.


                    U-joint assembly

                    C2/C3 Corvette Steeroids u-joint assembly


                    Setting steering linkage width

                    C2/C3 Corvette Steeroids


                    Bench assembly C2/C3 Corvette Steeroids

                    Pre-assemble and fitment check

                    It is a common concern if the brackets made for any steering conversion kit are strong enough to handle the appropriate loads. Steeroids rack and pinion kits have steel mounting brackets that are designed to handle loads encountered in normal use with a set of wide tires, while turning when the car is at rest (the highest load case). Over the years we have increased the strength of the brackets to the point that the frame rails will actually flex before our brackets do! These brackets are stress tested both in our development facility with sensitive deflection tools and out on the race track where we try our hardest to punish these parts to the extreme. In fact, we once received some photos of our kit on a customer’s race car after he slid the car off the race track into a curb at a high rate of speed. He did significant damage to the front of the car, but NONE of the Steeroids brackets broke. The rack and all of the brackets were bent severely, but everything was still in tact. We were very pleased… With years of experience and testing, plus thousands of these kits on the road from street cruisers to racers, you can be confident that a Steeroids rack and pinion kit will be durable and rugged enough to handle whatever driving style you throw at it.
                    An Interesting Side Note: We recently learned that one of our competitors was boasting that their kit was using stronger, heavier duty material for the brackets than the Steeroids kits. Upon further research it was determined that they are using the SAME material thickness that we are!