Why Suspension Stage Kits?

   It is a fair question, why buy a complete stage kit? In this article we are going to look at the reason installing a stage kit is important and what the advantages are.

   All of us want noticeable results for spending our money on our cars. For some it is appearance, we want our ride noticed, or we want that look which expresses our personality. For others it is the esoteric “feel” of how the car handles. Many owners of beautiful classics, which really turn heads, are appalled at how poor the car drives, they just aren’t very fun to drive. This is especially true after owning a modern car. Why is this so?Think a about the world thirty or more years ago when our classics were new, would you be satisfied looking at a television set of that vintage, even if it had a beautiful real wood grained cabinet? Probably not, but if you were hooked on the looks of the wood cabinetry you might strip out the old electronics with its glass picture tube and replace it with a wide screen HD set, and maybe add a BlueRay player and Surround. The same is true of our classics and the suspension under that awesome iconic looking body. The style and look is what usually attracts us to a vintage car, and then we drive it; what a disappointment!  

    “So where is this going?”, some may be asking. The stage kit is the quick path to modernizing your gorgeous ride. In the TV analogy the upgrade involved multiple components to get the job done. The same is true of stage kits. They include a stepped approach where we can increase the aggressiveness of the suspension to meet our needs. This is done with proper spring rates, shock selection and sway bar choice as well as getting rid of that ancient clunky steering box. All the components are engineered, designed and selected to work in harmony with each other to give a marked improvement in handling and performance and to really bring out the crisp point-and-go feel we need when we drive.  Yeah! It’s fun to drive. Just like you wouldn’t add an old VCR to an HD set, you don’t want to “shot gun” a solution to better drivability with a half done, partial result that will not deliver what you expect or need. 

    Another great reason besides the handling improvement is price. When you buy a stage kit the bundled price is significantly lower than buying everything separately. So not only do you get everything you need to upgrade to better handling, you get it at lower price. Look over the stage kits, decide on how you want to drive and select the one right for your preference. Everything needed is there, it’s an all “bolt on” installation so you won’t trash you chassis with cutting, drilling or welding. You will not believe the difference it will make, just like watching Star Wars on an old clubby ‘60s TV, then switching to High Definition; get the picture?


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