Steeroids & Bump Steer

    What’s with all of this talk about bump steer, and why is it so important? This is a subject that not a lot of people understand, so people don’t think it is that important. It is if you want to enjoy driving your classic.
    Bump steer occurs when a vehicle is moving over rough or uneven surfaces. As the suspension travels up and down, if the tie rods on the steering unit are not traveling at the same radius as the suspension, it will cause the car to toe in and toe out as the suspension travels. Because the alignment of the car is changing over rough surfaces the car becomes very darty and wanders. This is not fun and can become dangerous in many situations. All Steeroids rack and pinion kits include adjustable tie rod ends so that you can make sure the tie rods are parallel with the lower control arms, ensuring they travel the same radius as the suspension. This keeps the car’s alignment where it needs to be overall surfaces, making your car not only steer better but making it fun to drive!