C6 Z06 brakes for your C2/C3

Bolt-on brake kit that looks like no other!

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You own a 100+ mph sports car, how confident are you that your outdated brakes are up to the task? Many C2 & C3 owners have found that the brakes designed in the 60's are not up to 21st century expectations. If you are a performance driver we have a great solution. These are the coolest brakes on the planet for a C3! The new C2/C3 13” rotor (6-piston front caliper & 4 piston rear caliper) brake package that utilizes the new C6 Z06 aluminum calipers. This is performance and art all in one. Bring your Corvette’s brakes into the 21st century with a major increase in braking capacity and modern aluminum calipers. Not only is the caliper stiffer than the original cast iron piece but its multiple pistons and individual padlets allow for much improved torque application by evenly distributing the force across the total pad area. Did we mention looks? Bright red and unashamed with “Corvette” script on them these brakes will turn your wheels into picture frames. Everyone will have a hard time looking away. They are truly that captivating.

Please Note: Due to the Calipers, these kits are on indefinite backorder due to unavailability of the calipers. We do have Kits that do not include the calipers, you would then have to source calipers yourself. Contact Us for more details. There are no returns on Less Caliper Kits.

We do have Wilwood Brake Kits available.

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Kits include 13" rotors that are made in the USA (perfect for street or road course applications) and Corvette C6 Z06 aluminum calipers. Kits bolt directly into place without any drilling, cutting or modifying*. In road racing, virtually all passing is done during braking. Be confident in your car's braking capability with SpeedDirect's Shark Bite™ brake conversion kits. These kits will improve braking power, reduce brake fade and have higher durability than factory brakes. (Plus they just look incredible with the red caliper with 'Corvette' written across it!)

Kits include:

  • All aluminum Corvette C6 Z06 brake calipers (6 piston front, 4 piston rear)

  • High performance ceramic brake pads

  • 13″ cross drilled, slotted or standard rotors (also made in USA)

  • Aluminum front rotor hats

  • Stainless steel braided brake lines

  • All mounting brackets and fasteners(17″ or larger wheels required – 15″ inner clearance required)

  • No additional items required. Works with stock master cylinder.


Kits will fit 63-64 Corvettes if the front spindle has been upgraded to the 65-82 style spindle. Drilling may be required if the rotor has never been off of the car. If that is the case you only need to drill out the rivets to remove the factory rotor. On the rear (if using the rear C6 ZO6 brake kit also), you need to change over to the 65-82 bearing carrier housing. This is the large cast iron piece that holds the stub axle bearing. It bolts to the trailing arm. NOTE – We do not recommend using drilled rotors for racing applications because they are prone to cracking with heavy use.