Corvette General Steeroids Info

OTHER KITS & Steeriods

When comparing our kit to others that may be on the market, we feel that our experience with manufacturing steering conversion kits helps us offer the best kit available. Our engineers have had years of fine tuning bump steer issues, header clearance issues, ease of install issues and geometry issues. We offer a COMPLETE kit – Everything you need to completely replace the old steering with the new Steeroids and get you on the road, without any hidden parts that you will need to find on your own. Also, you do not need to make ANY modifications to your vehicle to make fit. When we say Bolt-On, we mean it! If you would like to know more about our kit(s) and our history of manufacturing them, please feel free to call us toll free at 888-731-1381! Or you can read more on our Steeroids FAQ page.

PLAY IN THE WHEEL: This is often caused by a worn bearing at the end of the steering column. It is not usually noticed with the original steering box, but with the Steeroids system it makes a big difference with regards to steering wheel “play”. The bearing doesn’t cost very much and only takes about 5 minutes to replace. They can be found on Eckler’s website here. Thanks to Bjorn Leidelof from Sweden for the suggestion!

FLUID: Please do not run synthetic fluid through your rack unit until the break-in period is over, usually around 1000 miles.

GM SERPENTINE SYSTEMS: If you are using a GM Serpentine System, we recommend ordering the kit for the Big Block. We have had customers tell us that our hoses for the Big Block kit hook directly up without any modification.

OIL PAN CLEARANCE: Most oversized oil pans fit as long as the stock steering fits. We are running 7 qt Milodons (part number 31505) on our development vehicles. The factory 327/365 SHP motor which has the larger 6 quart oil pan does not fit with the stock steering, and does not fit with our kit either. Milodon #31188 *stepped drag race pan* will fit BB C2 and C3’s even with big stroker engines. The following are some measurements off of our 78 small block (with a 7 qt Milodon) that may help:

Back of sump to front of sump: 9″
Back of sump to rack: 12″
Clearance at the top of the rack: 1/2″
From the front of the pan back to the drop in the pan for the pick-up, you need about 7″ clearance.

LS ENGINES: Many customers are changing to LS engines. There seems to be only minor modifications necessary. The main clearance issue is with the oil pan, however, if you use a Firebird oil pan, it seems to work just fine. It may require some modification to the oil pan if you are running a long sump. The C5 batwing oil pan clears with no problems. You may want to check our header clearance page for a list of what hits and what fits.

TURNING RADIUS AND TIRE CLEARANCE: The turning radius with our kit is slightly increased over stock. Most customers have said it is an insignificant amount, if not unnoticeable. You will still be able to easily whip in and out of parking spots or driveways. PLEASE NOTE – if you are running your stock tire size, due to the tall side wall on occasion the driver’s side tire can rub on the end of the rack. This is at the very end of the rack’s travel and should not affect your turning radius much (usually when we see this happening there is already evidence of the tire rubbing on the frame rail). These taller tires may rub, but most do not. Going with a slightly lower profile tire will eliminate this from happening.

CHANGING FROM MANUAL TO POWER: If you are changing your Corvette from manual to power, you might need to get some additional bolts to help with the installation of the Steeroids kit. Power cars have two bolts that support the hydraulic cylinder bracket and the Steeroids kit requires these two bolts. If you do not have them, you will want to get them. You can order them from us – part number 910-A7019.