Ride Height Adjustment

Adjustment Range

A common question is how much ride height adjustment you will get out of the kit. This amount, of course, varies between different vehicles. There is a total of 4″ available adjustment. Typical lowering amounts are 1 1/2″ to 2″ inches from stock height. Unfortunately, the old, stock springs may have sagged from years of use so a 1″ lowering from our kit may actually wind up being even or higher than the worn springs ride height. If you are looking to lower the vehicle more, there are further options available. You can cut the spring, just like many people have done to their stock springs. The great advantage of doing this with our kit is that there is still ride height adjustment available. Cutting springs used to be a very delicate game because you had to get it right the first time or you would need to start over with new springs. With the Shark Bite and Vector Series coil over kits, you can cut the springs for extreme lowering, and still have the ability to raise it back up again while it is still on the vehicle – no disassembly of the suspension is required. If you do cut a coil, be sure to cut the TOP of the spring. If you cut the bottom it may not fit against the shock any more!