Mustang Steering Column


Old vs. New

* STOCK STEERING COLUMN: If you plan to use your own stock steering column, you will need to cut the end off to fit the U-Joint supplied and locate a retainer bearing for the inner shaft. If you get the kit with a steering column included, there is no cutting necessary. Please read the Stock Steering Column Modification Instructions if you are considering using your stock steering column so that you know what is required. On the 1970 Mustang, the stock column has more safety wiring and hardware. Please contact our development facility directly to get more information that is required at 940-769-3804. Also, we do not provide an ignition switch with our columns, so the 70 models will require the customer to relocate the ignition switch. Switches are available in the store section. We provide mounting retainers and bearings with our kits when using your stock column.
* INCLUDED AFTERMARKET STEERING COLUMNS: All columns available with these kits are Ididit tilt columns. Wire connectors are included. The Ididit columns measure 2″ diameter on the small end and 4″ dia on the large end – slightly larger diameter than the stock column, which measures 2.25″ diameter and 3.6″ diameter. This means that these columns will NOT work with Rally Packs. We are currently researching other column manufacturers to find a column that will match stock dimensions. There is a plastic adapter included to match up to the size of the steering wheel however.


Our standard kit includes steering columns with aftermarket GM splines so that you can use Grant and other name brand aftermarket steering wheels. We do this because most customers do not want the big stock wheel with the new quick ratio rack. If you want to keep your stock steering wheel, we need to know that at the time of order so that we can order the stock style splines.

* STEERING COLUMN SPLINE INFORMATION: The 65-70 Mustangs all have the same spline for the steering wheel. The GM spline that we use with the Ididit column is the standard size used on MOST GM vehicles. GM basically only used two different sizes – one for the Corvettes and then one for everything else. When trying to find an adapter, the Ididit steering column is the same one they used on a 1969 Chevy Van. On our Mustang, we have a Grant wheel with the GM splined column, and we are using Grant adapter number 3196.

Ididit Column

Ididit Column for Mustang