Corvette C2-C3 Steeroids Header Clearance

The following is a list of headers that our customers have told us have or have not worked for them. Our systems are not limited to these headers by any means, but you can use them as a routing style reference for your own headers. It is the routing style that is important, not the name brand. You can look these up to see if yours have similar routing styles. Please note we have a special LSx section followed by the standard Small Block section. If there is mention that a dimple may be required, look at the bottom of this page for more information about dimpling headers.

LSx Engines:

(See more LSx notes in the General Tech Notes Section.)

– BBK C5 Corvette 3/4 length headers with LS6 (C5 Z06 engine) in a C3 – No Problem

– Melrose Motorsports Full Length Headers – No Problem

– LS6 Stock Manifolds – No Problem

– Hooker 2312HKR (block hugger style super competition) – No Problem

– Hooker 2313HKR (block hugger style super competition) – No Problem

– Hooker Headers Shorty 2313HKR – No Problem

– American Racing Headers C3-68178212LS on C3 – No Problem

– Speedhound C3 LSX Coated – No Problem

– Stock C5 – No Problem

– American Racing Headers – No Problem

– OBX C5 SS Shorty – Fit With Minor Dimples

– Melrose LSX Swap Headers – No Problem

– Sanderson Headers – No Problem


Small Block:

– Black Jack – No Problem

– Doug’s D334 – C3 No Problem

– Doug’s D380 (& variants) sidemount – C3 No Problem

– Flotech 11106FLT or 31106 FLT – Dimple May Be Required in Drivers Side

– Hedman long tube with a 4-2-1 collector SB – Major dimple required

– Hedman side pipes – Dimple May Be Required (350 1 5/8″ headers, small dimple on pass side)

– Hooker 2456HKR or 2456-1HKR – No Problem

– Hooker 2134HKR or 2134-1HKR Super Comps – No Problem

– Hooker 2224, 2224-1 or 2234 Side Pipes- Dimple May Be Required on Drivers Side

– Thorley Headers with L82 – No Problem

– Walker Dynomax – No Problem

Big Block:

– Stahl 2 1/8″ fits – Dimple May Be Required

– Stock Manifold – 454 No Problem

– Stainless Works – 2″ Flange, 3″ Collector No Problem

– Hedman 2″ – Dimple May Be Required

– Hooker Side Pipes – No Problem

– Hooker Longboy’s – Need Modification

– Hooker Supercomps – No Problem (even with a 572 ci tall deck!)

If you currently have Steeroids and see any conflicts, or if you have any additions to this list, please email tech support so that we can update this page.

If you see a header that mentions Dimple Required, dimpling a header can be done quite easily and it can still look clean. Heat the header tube with a torch and then take a large socket and wrap it in a rag. Gently tap the socket against the header where the clearance area is required and it will leave a clean, smooth dimple without hammer marks. People have successfully done this with ceramic coated header too. BE CAREFUL NOT TO CATCH THE RAG OR ANYTHING ELSE ON FIRE! We figured that should be common sense, but that doesn’t seem to be so common anymore… 😉