Corvette C1 Steeroids Header Clearance

C1 Corvette Steeroids Header Clearances

Steeroids Rack & Pinion Conversions Kits for the C1 Corvette As Standard are designed to fit the OE style “Ram’s Horn” exhaust manifolds.

Steeroids kits marked as For Use With Headers are also available. The only aftermarket headers known to fit with these kits are Hooker Competition Headers Part # 2456-HKR and 2456-1HKR.

Photos 1 & 2 below show the standard kit u-joint installation with the stock style Ram’s Horn exhaust manifolds.

Photo 3 below shows the u-joint installation for the aftermarket header kit and Hooker Competition headers.

Photo 1 – Standard Setup

Photo 2 – Standard Setup

C1 Corvette Steeroids Standard

Photo 3 – With Aftermarket Headers Setup