Camaro / Nova / Chevy II General Notes

OTHER KITS & Steeroids

Driving a classic that looks great and drives like a truck is no fun. That’s why we originally designed Steeroids rack and pinion kits . When comparing our kit to other manufacturers, we believe that our experience with designing and building steering conversion kits helps us offer the best kit available. We pioneered rack and pinion conversions starting with Camaro & Nova in 1998 and we know that when we buy a product we want it done right, and with all the necessary parts and so we offer only complete kits, no hidden surprises.  As enthusiasts who also happen to be engineers we can add our expertise in fine tuning bump steer issues, header clearance issues, ease of install issues and geometry issues. As mentioned we only offer a COMPLETE kit – Everything you need to  replace the old steering with the new Steeroids and start having fun driving!  All without any hidden parts that you will need to find on your own or modify to make fit. Some other companies do not include pricey U-joint steering shafts or do not work with big blocks. Another consideration is weight. One company’s kit shipping wieght is approx. 50 lbs! The Steeroids ship weight is 32 lbs. – significantly lighter than the stock setup.

OLDSMOBILE ENGINES: In the past, people have asked about the clearance issues using Oldsmobile engines. One customer with a 67 Camaro told us that the 455 Olds will fit, however they had to push in the oil pan about an inch and they had to make longer power steering hoses.

GROUND CLEARANCE: The Steeroids kits mount to the back of the cross member. The bracket that we use hangs down a bit lower than the cross member (about 1.5″) but should not be any lower than your headers. Our development car is lowered over 2 inches from stock and we have not had problems hanging up on things. Lowering your car with our kit is not a problem, and with lowered vehicles bump steer can become a big issue. Our kits are the only ones on the market with adjustable tie rod ends to help reduce /eliminate bump steer.

FLUID: Please do not run synthetic fluid through your rack unit until the break-in period is over, usually around 1000 miles.

OIL PAN CLEARANCE / LS1 CONVERSIONS: Most oversized oil pans fit. We are running 7 qt Milodons on our development vehicles (Pt #31505). Generally, the edge of the rack sits about 3.5″ back from the cross member. Pans with a deep sump in the rear could be a problem (for example truck pans.) Oil pans that DO NOT fit with a big block include: Moroso 20403, B&B 91488, B&B 91489. Stock big block pans generally work fine (If it is a stock pan and it hits then it wasn’t an original BB car and the engine pedestals are for a small block. The BB pedestals are different.) Milodon oil pans for the 55-57 Chevy Big Block will work fine.

Regarding the LS conversions, the only issue that we know of is with the oil pan – some slight modification may be necessary with some pans, others work fine. We have customers that use the S&P oil pan without any problems. Pace Performance oil pans should fit too. You can also use our header template to check clearances. You can see a little more by going to some of our customer’s links and seeing how they addressed the oil pan clearancing: LS1 On Customer’s Camaro #1 or LS1 On Customer’s Camaro #2