Front Coil Over Kit for 1965-70 Mustang Details


Front Coil Over Kit for 1965-70 Mustang

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Get Back in Control.

Vector Series™ front coil over spring conversion kit for ’65-’70 Mustangs address the limitation of the factory suspension to adjust to the way you like to drive; to achieve that “in control” feel. A true bolt-on kit, the Vector Series™ does not require any permanent modification to the vehicle. The life-long aluminum shocks included are completely rebuildable and totally adjustable so you that can change the dampening with the twist of a dial. Kits offer multiple spring rates to choose from to customize your ride quality.

No Expensive After-market Control Arms Needed!

Vector Series™ kits also utilize the stock control arms keeping them much more affordable than other coil over kits on the market. Additional benefits of the kit include:

Kit Includes:

  • 2 Double Adjustable Shocks
  • 2 Coil Springs
  • Powder Coated Brackets
  • All Necessary Hardware


* Easily adjustable ride height while on the vehicle
* Lighter weight
* No modifications necessary – kits bolt on using existing mounting locations and keep the factory control arms.
* Kits come complete with clear instructions and all of the mounting hardware necessary to replace your factory springs with the fully adjustable Vector Series™ coil over suspension

Adjustable shocks have dial control knobs on the side of the shock body that allow you to adjust the shock valving to softer or stiffer settings (so the car rides softer or stiffer). Double adjustable shocks have two dials – one for rebound and one for compression – so that you can adjust the rebound and compression strokes independently for even more fine tuning.


We offer two kits with double adjustable shocks in two spring rates to let you dial in your car for a perfect ride on the street or the track.