Corvette C2-C3 Spreader Bar



These kits will fit Corvettes equipped with SharkBite upper control arms, factory control arms or aftermarket tubular steel control arms. With this important accessory it is now possible to stabilize and stiffen the cross member. The C2-C3 cross member is notorious for the flimsy vertical attachment on the cross member where the upper a-arm bolts on. This weak point allows the upright to settle and flex inward, adversely changing the suspension geometry. With this new kit owners can spread the sagging vertical mounts back to their proper upright position in minutes and dramatically improve & stabilize the suspension geometry.
Installation takes about ten minutes with normal hand tools. Kits come complete with durable black powder coated left and right fittings, mounting hardware and aluminum spreader bar with spherical rod ends. Fits all SB equipped Corvette from 1963-1982.

Visit our technical pages for a detailed article on why spreader bars are so important.