Aluminum Control Arms Details

The Modernization of a Legend

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Upper Aluminum Control Arms

While the C2 and C3 are icons of the Corvette legend their suspension is a product of  1960’s engineering. The cars look great but on the track or autocross they suffer from poor traction, even with sticky tires.  That’s because the cars were never optimized to corner. Now SpeedDirect’s aluminum control arms greatly improve the suspension geometry which directly translates into improved handling and cornering ability. The aluminum upper a-arm kit provides increased positive caster for greater stability and improved bump steer, while relocating the front roll center for significantly improved handling. (See our tech article on a-arms) They are also lighter than both stock and steel tubular control arms. Each side is 4 lbs less than the stock control arm, resulting in an 8 lb weight savings and reduction in un-sprung weight! They are significantly lighter than steel aftermarket a-arms. Designed as a true bolt-on kit, these control arms do not require any modification to the vehicle. Kits are available in natural aluminum finish and come complete with clear illustrated instructions, bushings, cross shafts and optional ball joints.

Product Highlights:

* New concept – no other aluminum control arms for 63-82 Corvettes are available.
* Improved geometry over tubular steel a-arms currently on the market.
* Heat treated aluminum casting for strength and durability.
* High performance fluoropolymer composite bearing (similar to Teflon) which never needs lubrication.
* Compatible with stock ball joint dimensions.
* Available with performance ball joints for better roll center and camber gain, or without ball joints – to use OE ball joints
* Works with all other stock suspension parts
* Lighter weight than stock or tubular A-Arms (2.55lbs without cross shaft, 4.25lbs with cross shaft
per side)
* Changes caster, camber and roll center for improved handling
* Strong with less flex that factory control a-arm.


Kits work with Vette Brakes lower control arms and monoleaf conversions.



Lower Aluminum Control Arms

Shark Bite Aluminum Lower Control Arms for C2-C3 Corvettes (1963-82). Transform your vintage Corvette into a modern handling machine. The new alloy control arms offer a significant reduction in un-sprung weight for the front suspension. They are designed to accept coil over shocks & springs giving you the ability to adjust ride height, spring rate and shock response when paired with optional double adjustable shocks.

These rugged lower A-arms have a ridged aluminum design with PTFE-lined ball joint bearings to ensure accurate, repeatable suspension tracking throughout the entire range of travel. They are a huge improvement to the heavy, rubber bushed, stamped steel factory lower control arms they replace.

The a-arm kit comes complete and includes beefy cross shafts to virtually eliminate shaft flexing, which changes suspension geometry. U.S. made high quality precision ball joints as well as Grade 8 fasteners are also included.

Product Highlights:

*Significant reduction in un-sprung weight over factory a-arms
*Precision no maintenance PTFE-lined ball joint bearings for accurate repeatable suspension tracking, never needs lubrication
*Welded / machined aerospace alloy construction
*Heavy duty steel cross shaft
*Compatible with coil over shock & spring packages
*Precision U.S. made ball joints
*Complete bolt-on kit including Grade 8 fasteners
*Natural Aluminum Finish


Requires coil over shocks, will not work with factory springs.