Steeroids FAQs

What About Bracket Strength & Flexing?

It is a common concern if the brackets made for any steering conversion kit are strong enough to handle the appropriate loads. Steeroids rack and pinion kits have steel mounting brackets that are designed to handle loads encountered in normal use with a set of wide tires, while turning when the car is at rest (the highest load case). Over the years we have increased the strength of the brackets to the point that the frame rails will actually flex before our brackets do! These brackets are stress tested both in our development facility with sensitive deflection tools and out on the race track where we try our hardest to punish these parts to the extreme. In fact, we once received some photos of our kit on a customer’s race car after he slid the car off the race track into a curb at a high rate of speed. He did significant damage to the front of the car, but NONE of the Steeroids brackets broke. The rack and all of the brackets were bent severely, but everything was still in tact. We were very pleased… With years of experience and testing, plus thousands of these kits on the road from street cruisers to racers, you can be confident that a Steeroids rack and pinion kit will be durable and rugged enough to handle whatever driving style you throw at it.
An Interesting Side Note: We recently learned that one of our competitors was boasting that their kit was using stronger, heavier duty material for the brackets than the Steeroids kits. Upon further research it was determined that they are using the SAME material thickness that we are!

What About Bump Steer?

What’s with all of this talk about bump steer, and why is it so important? This is a subject that not a lot of people really understand, so people don’t think it is that important. It is if you want to enjoy driving your classic.

Bump steer occurs when a vehicle is moving over rough or uneven surfaces. As the suspension travels up and down, if the tie rods on the steering unit are not traveling at exactly the same radius as the suspension, it will cause the car to toe in and toe out as the suspension travels. Because the alignment of the car is changing over rough surfaces the car becomes very darty and wanders. This in not fun and can become dangerous in many situations. All Steeroids rack and pinion kits include adjustable tie rod ends so that you can make sure the tie rods are parallel with the lower control arms, ensuring they travel the same radius as the suspension. This keeps the car’s alignment where it needs to be over all surfaces, making your car not only steer better but actually making it fun to drive!

What About Header and Oil Pan Clearance?

Steeroids rack and pinion kits clear most aftermarket headers and oil pans. But there are some that do not work, and we try to keep track of all of them out there that might cause problems. To view header information, go into the tech support section for your vehicle and look in the link titled Exhaust / Header Clearances. To view more info about oil pans, click here.

What are the Power Steering Pumps & Pressure Requirements?

All of the Steeroids rack and pinion conversion kits are designed to work with the stock power steering pump. More questions arise when people are not using the stock power steering pump, or their stock pump has been rebuilt. Our racks can handle anywhere from 800-1400 psi. Usually the higher the pressure the pump puts out, the easier it is to turn the steering wheel (less resistance). If you have lower pressure there is usually more resistance in the steering wheel. We prefer running in the 900-1200 range, but that is also up to the driver’s personal preference and the alignment settings (more caster = more resistance in the steering wheel). If you have a stock pump that has been rebuilt and is putting out more pressure than desired, we do offer pressure reduction kits for GM Saginaw pumps.

Why do the steering U-Joints bind sometimes?

U-joint binding is a question that commonly comes up. Is it hard to properly adjust the u-joints so that they are smooth and do not bind? Steeroids kits have continuously improved over the years to insure that adjusting the u-joint assembly is an easy, straight forward task. Over the last few years we have redesigned the mounting brackets to allow for more adjustment for the u-joint assembly to prevent binding. We have also improved our installation instructions so that there are photos and numerous different methods to achieve proper adjustment. And once everything is properly adjusted, the u-joints should last the life of the car!

Why Does The Corvette Steeroids Kit Look Identical to that Other Kit On The Market?

Some time ago another company, Company X,  did not manufacture their own rack and pinion steering. They ordered the Steeroids kits directly from us, the original manufacturer, and we drop shipped them to their customers. Company X decided to start manufacturing their own kit when they saw how popular Steeroids kits were, which is cool, it’s a free country… But instead of doing their own engineering, they copied our design! Unbelievable… Anyway, the kits may look the same (because the brackets are a direct copy) but there are still some great advantages of buying the Steeroids as opposed to a poor imitation – for example: We have over 12 years of experience engineering and designing steering kits, with thousands of them installed on satisfied customer cars. (Check out our Customer Testimonies page!) We constantly address issues and continually improve our kit because we have the knowledge and experience to do so. The counterfeit Steeroids design was done by a company that has little experience with designing and engineering rack & pinion kits. For example: They originally tried to use a single U-joint shaft assembly, but abandoned it and copied our double U-joint design. Or the fact that we have already had several revision changes that have further increased the strength and adjustability of the kit yet they are still using the older, original bracket designs. And what about addressing bump steer? One of the highlights of a Steeroids kit is that the car not only steers better but actually HANDLES better because we properly address bump steer by utilizing adjustable tie rod ends. The knock off kit uses big, clunky factory tie rod ends that weigh more, and have zero adjustability for bump steer. If you changed your ride height, look out, because there is no adjustability on the knock off kit. We are still the only company on the market to offer adjustable tie rod ends – and you can feel the difference when driving your car. We regularly work with our customers on an intimate basis dealing directly with each custom application. When deciding which kit to purchase, choose the original. Choose a Steeroids™.