Firebird Steeroids 1967-69


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 A Steeroids Equipped Car Feels Modern & Fun to Drive!

How can a car like a first generation Firebird look so good and drive so poorly? We don’t accept that it needs to be that way. Times have changed and now rack and pinion steering comes from the factory on new cars; it is the driving feel we are use to. Early Firebirds have a 40 year old steering design that uses a steering box. A Steeroids rack and pinion conversion kit will make a vintage 1967-69 Firebird a joy to drive, especially on a the tight turns of an autocross or road course. Not a racer? Steeroids will give you the control to keep the car pointed where you want it. No more “sawing” with the steering wheel to stay in your lane.

It is a real pain to park a car without power assist. Early Firebird owners can now have power steering! In addition the kit reduces the number of turns of the steering wheel from full left to full right.  This eliminates the frenetic steering wheel motion to make the car turn. You won’t believe how much better the car drives with a Steeroids, you will feel it the instant you get behind the wheel.

If your car has been lowered or you are not happy with the factory’s un-nerving “darty” feeling when you hit a bump (bump steering) this can now be eliminated. Steeroids kits are the only rack and pinion kits where you can actually fix this nasty little habit to make your Firebird drive as good as it looks.

Don’t want to mess up you car with drilling holes and welding? Steeroids is a truly bolt on solution to more driving fun. With no permanent mods to the car you can easily bolt on the old factory gear and turn it back to stock.


The stock Pontiac engine will not work with this kit unless some cutting/clearancing is done on the driver’s side engine pedestal to clear our bracket and power steering hoses. If the car has been converted to a Chevy engine then there is no problem with fitment.

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