Mustang Steeroids 1964-70 Details


Power Steeroids with Optional Column

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Parts Included With The Steeroids Kit:

* Rack and pinion
* Adapter brackets (powder coated black)
* Tie rod ends (Self cleaning & lubricating, teflon lined, adjustable for bump steer).
* U-joint assembly
* Power steering hoses
* Misc. fasteners (grade-8)


We offer this kit with a variety of options including power, manual and Ididit tilt steering column.

Power vs. Manual

When deciding on a manual or power, our kits were designed for V8 automatic transmission cars. If your vehicle is NOT a V8 with an automatic, please visit our Mustang tech section on Steeroids to read more about power steering hose and manual trasmission options.


If you plan to use your own stock steering column with the Steeroids kit, you will need to cut the end off to fit the U-Joint supplied and then support the inner shaft with a retainer bearing. If you get the Steeroids kit with a steering column included, there is no cutting necessary. Please read the instructions below if you are considering using your stock steering column so that you know what is required.

Steeroids kits with¬†optional¬†columns come standard with aftermarket GM splines so that you can use Grant and other name brand aftermarket steering wheels. We do this because most customers do not want the big stock wheel with the new quick ratio rack. If you want to keep your stock steering wheel, we need to know that at the time of order so that we can order the stock style splines. The columns that fit the factory Ford splines are different and cost approximately $135 more than the standard columns. If ordering online, please make note in the “Comments” section.

The steering columns used are tilt with wiring harness and turn signals included. None of the columns that we offer have the ignition switch in the column. On the stock 1970 models, the ignition switch was located in the column, so we have an aftermarket billet aluminum (mill finished) ignition mount listed below. If you plan to use your stock column with the 1970 Mustang, please look into the tech section to see what else is involved.