Five Reasons to Buy a Steeroids


We enjoy driving cars that steer where and when we point them and we know this involves several related facts. The most important is the slop through a steering box. Even a new steering box can have an appreciable sloppy loose feel. In addition to getting rid of slop a SteeroidsTM has a lower turns ratio, typically under three turns of the steering wheel lock to lock, whereas stock systems can have up to five turns! What does this mean? Lower turns ratio means less struggling with the steering wheel when making maneuvers quickly like you would in an auto cross or more important, avoiding that box that just fell off the flat bed in front of you on the freeway. The car will go where you point it without frantic steering wheel turning. It will act and feel modern and crisp in response to your commands.


Why should driving a cool looking classic car be a vague and mushy struggle that is no fun? Re-circulating ball steering boxes are the definition of vague. Their “on center” feel and lack of feedback is due to the inherent looseness of two sets of gears through which the steering input must go through to reach the wheels and it is just plain annoying. The gear sets you steer through are: the worm gear (with the recirculating balls) and then the sector gear. Additionally there is play in the servo valve for the power assist. A modern rack and pinion contains just one set of gears and a very responsive servo valve that virtually eliminates play in the steering. This reduction in gear sets, and improved servo valving result in steering response that is immediate when a steering input is given from the centered position rather than a 1/2 inch of travel on the steering wheel to take up the slack before the steering responds. Why suffer with that? This reduction on “play” translates into smaller input corrections necessary to keep the car driving straight, rather than constantly “sawing” or moving the steering wheel back and forth in the “dead zone” to be in the area where the steering responds. We don’t like and we know anyone who has driven a modern car with rack and pinion doesn’t either. There is no reason to tolerate this annoying behavior on your classic.


Why should something that modernizes our car weight more than the old steering it replaces? Old fashioned steering boxes are associated rods & links are just clunky and heavy. We don’t believe you need to haul around all the extra weight and complexity. Simple is better! A SteeroidsTM Rack and Pinion Kit is typically 20-25% lighter than the steering box and linkage it replaces. The rack & pinion on Steeroids has an aluminum alloy housing, and the tie rods are aluminum as well. These lighter components replace the steel center link, tie rods, and heavy cast iron steering box. Fewer, lighter parts cut the weight on the vehicle’s front end. We expect a modern replacement to weigh less, and it does.


Why suffer with inherent bad steering? There is nothing like the “thrill” of hitting a bump and have the car decide to steer somewhere else when you least expect it. No surprises please when we are in maximum effort corner. SteeroidsTM Kits come complete with everything you will need to set up you car to minimize bump steering. Other kits use the factory, non-adjustable tie rod ends, but not SteeroidsTM. Our design solution provides adjustability. Anything less is a poor solution. We have the strong belief that it is your car and should be setup the way you want it. It is really important to check and adjust bump steer if you have lowered your vehicle, or if you want to improve on something the factory did not bother to consider. What is bump steer? It is the tendency for the vehicle to unexpectedly swerve when you hit a bump. It is annoying and dangerous. We don’t tolerate it on our classics, neither should you.


Who wants to guess how to install something as critical as a rack and pinion kit? This may sound unusual but just because it looks like a SteeroidsTM, doesn’t mean it is a SteeroidsTM. There is a lot of confusion and hype about “stiffer” this or “better” that. We believe a kit should be easy to install with minimum effort so our products are designed to that goal. We then support our kits with our engineering staff and customer service team who have hands on experience installing the kits. We also include very detailed illustrated installation instructions, and a troubleshooting guide that are accurate to insure that your installation experience goes smoothly. Our philosophy is simple; you are buying a premium kit, it needs premium instructions and support. It is exactly what we would expect purchasing a major enhancement like Steeroids for our classic car. The clear instructions are backed up by a knowledgeable person who is a phone call away should you need it.