Camaro Steeroids 1967-69 Details


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Included in the kit:

* Rack and pinion
* Adapter bracket (adapts rack to chassis through A-arm bolts)
* Tie rod ends (Self cleaning & lubricating, teflon lined, adjustable for bump steer)
* U-joint assembly
* Power steering hoses
* Misc. fasteners (grade-8)


Ididit steering columns also available! Choose from Steel, Powder Coated, Chrome & Aluminum style columns!


Manual Steeroids™ kits contain all the same components as the power kit.  The rack has been converted from a power rack into a manual rack by removing the hard lines, capping the ports and drilling the internal cylinder to prevent pressure build up. Manual Steeroids racks are between 3 and 3.5 turns lock to lock. If you have stock manual steering and are interested in converting to power we have everything you will need.