Corvette C2-C3 Steeroids1963-1982

Corvette Steeroids C2-C3

C2-C3 Power Steeroids

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* Steeroids™ Offers Improved Steering Feel: Recirculating ball steering is vague and unresponsive, especially “on center”. Control is greatly enhanced.
* Steeroids™ Offers Quicker Ratio: Steeroids™ power kits yield approximately 2.5 turns lock-to-lock (~2.9 for manual).
* Steeroids™ Effectively Eliminates Bump Steer: Only Steeroids™ offers adjustable tie rod ends to keep your car grounded and avoid darty behavior by keeping your alignment (bump steer) curves in check.
* Steeroids™ Are Lighter Weight: Compared to the stock steering system.
* Steeroids™ Offer Bolt-On Installation: Absolutely no welding, cutting or drilling. Installs with basic hand tools in approximately 6 hours.
Steeroids Come As A Complete Kit: All necessary parts are included.

Parts Included With Steeroids:

Rack and pinion
Adapter brackets (powder coated black)
Adjustable tie rod ends (Self cleaning & lubricating, Teflon lined).
U-joint assembly
Power steering hoses
Misc. fasteners (grade-8)

( Fits with factory steering column however a new Ididit steering column in chrome or painted option is available at an extra cost)