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Why have thousands of your fellow classic owners installed a Steeroids?

It’s all about driving fun. Who wants to struggle with an obsolete steering box system that can never feel like a Steeroids. Parking a car with non-assisted steering is a big hassle, running an auto-cross is the same. The wide tires available today only magnify the problem and the effort. Many classics did not come with power assist but even if your car came with power steering are you stuck rebuilding a clunky, leaking dinosaur? The obvious answer is, NO!

Many owners from around the world have experienced the joy of what a few hours of work can do for the way their car feels and their whole attitude about driving their car is transformed in the process. Let’s face it, the “daily driver” vehicle, no matter if it is a Smart Car or a high end European sedan has rack and pinion steering. You become accustomed to that precise “point and drive” tight feeling. It is the way you like a car to handle and drive. Then you hop into your beautiful classic and what a disappointment. How can the car look so good but drive and handle so bad? A Steeroids will totally transform your perception of your classic. It will have that precise, responsive feel you are accustomed to from a modern car.

Steeroids has satisfied the need owners have to drive a great handling car from Australia to Saudi Arabia and everywhere in between. Join with them, now you can tame the beast and be thrilled with the results. Look over our technical instructions and see how easy it is to bolt on a lot of fun and then go find some curvy stretch of road to feel the difference.

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Nova/Chevy II



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