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DVD’s for the “hands on” enthusiast:


Power Porting

81060 DVD This DVD is a must for the performance enthusiast. We have taken the “black art” out of hand cylinder head porting by illustrating it in simple concise terms. Learn to port-match, improve flow, modify port size and surface texture for optimum performance. With a few inexpensive tools anyone can measurably increase the power and efficiency of their engine. Now includes combustion chamber “cc”ing and the latest in performance coatings.
Approx. 30 Min.

cam degree_actual

Cam Degree and Drives

81055 DVD This comprehensive look at cam degreeing and drives covers the important subject of how to set up your cam to deliver the power you paid for. You will learn how to properly phase your cam with the crank using the right tools that will yield excellent results. You will also learn the options available in cam drives including installation of high performance belt and gear drives.
Approx. 30 Min.