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Fun in every corner!

We are SpeedDirect and we are devoted to making  iconic American cars drive as good as they look.  Our reasons for being in business can be simply stated as:

* Classics should feel like modern cars. (Nobody should have to struggle with a sloppy handling car that looks great but feels like a dump truck.)
* Owners shouldn’t need to hack up their car to make it fun to drive. (Bolt on is “right on” and the only way to modify a classic.)
* Modern is not clunky & heavy it is light, streamlined and looks like it was designed and not slapped together.
* Customers should know that we care by our actions, not just our words.

Take a look around, we have provided plenty of material for you to consider before you make your decision to enter the world of tight modern handling and feel for your classic. The kind of driving feel which you are accustomed to on your daily driver.

Both this website and our shopping site are tailored for finding information and products quickly.

Contact us at:

Speed Direct

1901 S FM 129

Santo, TX 76472

Toll Free: (888) 425-2776

email: cservice@speeddirect.com