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Corvette C2 – C3 Front Coil Over

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Front Coil Over Kit for C2 – C3 Corvette

Are you satisfied with how your classic Corvette feels in a tight corner? Does it seem kind of loose and drifty? Shark Bite coil over kits will make your C2 or C3 substantially more responsive. It will go where you point it! Check out our options to update your ride!
The Shark Bite coil over front spring and shock packages for 63-82 Corvettes allow for easy ride height changes without the need to disassemble the suspension. They also allow you to adjust the individual loads on each corner of the car for better, more balanced handling. The different spring rates available offer a smooth ride with great handling, unlike other bouncy front suspension conversions. All shocks are cutting edge race designs with velocity sensitive valving. Whether you have a full time race car or a street car, these shocks will provide the best performance and ride quality available. Double adjustable shocks allow for both rebound and compression adjustments individually (unlike many other adjustable shocks). All shocks have 4 inches of total ride height adjustment and are constructed out of aluminum for lighter weight and better heat transfer. The shocks are completely rebuildable, making them lifetime components. A variety of different spring rates are available. The small block springs are normally 400 inch lbs., and the big block are 450 inch lbs., depending on the use of the car. All springs are interchangeable, so customers can easily go with different spring rates to dial in the ride you are looking for and giving you the ability to corner hard!   Learn more about ride height adjustment or shock valving and spring rates on our tech page.

Each kit is a complete and includes 2 shocks, 2 springs, mounting adapters and all hardware.


If you are using Vette Brakes control arms, you may not have all of the ride height adjustment available – you may not be able to lower the car quite as much as with stock control arms. Most customers can still drop the car 1″ with the Vette Brakes control arms without any problem