Steeroids Camaro Installation (cont.)



The rack and pinion unit can be installed. The two bolts are torqued to 59 Ft-Lbs.


The universal shaft has an adapter that bolts to the steering column. The other end is a Double d that slides onto the pinion shaft.


Bolt the adapter to the steering column. Use a high strength thread locker on the setscrew for the pinion shaft. Tighten the jam nuts with a ½ inch wrench or socket.


Bolt the tie rods to the steering knuckle. Torque to 35 Ft-lbs and continue to tighten until the cotter pin hole lines up. Install the cotter pin.


The tie rods consist of a tapered stud and a spherical rod end. They are adjustable for bump steer by moving the spacer from the bottom to the top. Varying thickness spacers can be fabricated or purchased to fine tune even more.


Now install the power steering hose adapters. These adapt the metric threads to a more common SAE flare. Lubricate the o-rings with power steering fluid. The large fitting is torqued to 21 Ft-Lbs and the small one to 13 Ft-lbs.


The high-pressure hose has crimped fittings on both ends, this attaches to the large fitting on the rack. The return hose has only one end. It attaches to the small fitting.


The installation is now complete. Now go over every bolt on the system, even ones you didn’t touch. Make sure all are tight. You may have to re-center the steering wheel but wait until the toe is properly set.


The power assist system must be filled with fluid and bled. This is accomplished by turning the wheels all the way to the left then adding fluid to the “cold” mark on the dipstick. Start the car and allow it to idle. Keep the level topped to the “cold” mark. Now turn the wheels side to side but not to the stops. Continue to check the fluid level. Allow the engine to run a few minutes before shutting off. Add fluid as needed.


IIf you are going to run the unit without power assist, simply leave the plugs in.


The completed installation is a clean and trick looking setup that your cruising or car show buddies are sure to gawk over. All this AND your car will be much easier & fun to drive.


You never knew converting to rack and pinion was so easy.