Motion Controlled MK1 RoboWing

We put the FUN in FUNctionTM

Available Q3 2020

The MK I RoboWing is a fully movable motion controlled wing for automatically adjustable vehicle downforce. Featuring a custom airfoil, actuator incorporating internal feedback sensor, and an embedded control module.
The MK I RoboWing uses fully autonomous programmable motion scheduled according to the vehicle speed to affect downforce. It utilizes a PID* feedback control law for closed loop motion that will smoothly and accurately set the desired angle to pre-selected speed values input by the driver. The speed values are set wirelessly via a dedicated Android app.

With the MK I RoboWing it is now possible to retro fit any vehicle with a fully active wing! This is a feature usually limited to high end factory vehicles. For a car equipped with an Electronic Control Module (ECM) and an OBDII port which outputs the speed label on the CAN bus the system will use this to control the wing. For vehicles without a ECM an optional GPS speed module is available so that any car can now have an active wing.

The MK I ActiveWing is  made from a tough aircraft aluminum alloy with  composite internal ribbing featuring a custom aluminum alloy extrusion on the leading edge. All of this is designed to produce a rigid, accurate airfoil that will stand up the most rigorous conditions. For those interested in mounting their own wing the system is available with just the actuator pack, base and uprights as well at the control module.

*PID Proportional-Integral-Derivative is a control loop mechanism employing feedback that is widely used in control systems and a variety of other applications requiring continuously modulated control.